At REZIN we believe

That everyone, at their own level, has an important role to play. That the big evolutions are made thanks to a multitude of small steps, big commitments. We believe that companies have a role to play, must offer new ways of producing, consuming, and trying to do the best, to improve

A bit much

Everyone is responsible, at their own level, for their impact on the environment and on society. If everyone takes a few small steps, we will move mountains.

6.885 billion inhabitants on earth, that leaves room for a lot of possibilities

AND FOR 2021

For 2021, we have decided to renew our operation 1 Rezin purchased = 1 Tree planted. For this we have selected 2 projects:

Agroforestry and reforestation in Haiti

Haiti is one of the most deforested countries in the world. In 1920, 60% of Haitian territory was lined with forests, compared to only 2% today.

Through the Haitian NGO OJUCAH, Rezin is intervening to develop the planting of fruit trees in agroforestry and reforest degraded areas of the Jacmel valley. Local communities are trained in the establishment of sustainable agroforestry systems through the planting of trees of various species: mango, soursop and almond.

Forest species such as cedar-mahogany, bayahonde or oak are also planted in deforested areas, in order to gradually restore the region's forests.

Combating desertification in Peru (Piura)

The Piura region, located in northern Peru, is home to dry forests mainly composed of shrub savannas. The climate is extremely arid and local communities are affected by frequent water shortages.

The dry soils on which pastoralists and farmers live are threatened by desertification, which is accelerated by illegal logging which cuts down 3,000 hectares of forests each year.

Rezin supports the NGO Progreso to plant trees of various species (cedar-mahogany, mahogany, Andean alder, silver pine) on the surrounding mountain ranges, alongside local communities. The forests created help to limit erosion. land and create a source of additional income for the populations.

Do you want to know more and follow our projects on a daily basis? Visit the dedicated page where you can discover the evolution of these two projects.

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