The know-how of glasses at REZIN

It's no longer a secret: wood rhymes with REZIN! It is present on all our models, inspires us at every moment. Each rib, each color, each aspect is specific to its wood and allows us an infinite number of combinations that we hasten to make.
You know our creative processes (see our article) but perhaps less the design technique of our pairs of glasses. Our way of manufacturing has evolved a lot and keeps getting better.
So we lift the veil, and tell you that yes our wooden glasses are made of real wood and are resistant!
From manufacturing, to our maintenance advice, through materials and design ... Here are all our secrets.

Our main technique is straight out of that of cabinet makers! It is glulam. This process offers more resistance and allows more freedom in design. We can imagine our glasses with beautiful curves but also create fine inserts and small graphic details as on our new titanium collection with the Stanley, the Andy and the Felix. To further strengthen the strength of our frames, we add a carbon strip between each wood strip. We thus obtain:

• Strong resistance
• Strong rigidity
• High elasticity
• Lightness

This material is also used in sports competitions, aeronautics, aerospace… Not bad isn't it?

Our woods are not managed in an eco-responsible way. Each tree is therefore replanted to make nature last. To further strengthen our commitment to forests and their biodiversity, we are working with the Coeur de Foret association! We thus have a positive ratio between used wood and replanted wood.
In addition, many people allergic to more “classic” materials, turn to our wooden glasses and are delighted!

For the most allergic, we have imagined and created a collection in titanium. This steel has a thousand and one advantages: hypoallergenic, very thin, ultra resistant. It is 60% lighter and 20% more flexible -on average- than other materials and steels. He is not afraid of sweating or the weather. Our titanium collections have a pure titanium face to be more rigid. Our temples are in beta titanium to be more flexible, with shape memory!
Thanks to all its characteristics, titanium is used in particular in the medical field.

And the acetate in all of this? Many of you love - see adore - our acetate collections! Acetate is made from the cotton flower. It is a nice alternative to plastic:

• Solid • Lightweight
• Design • Comfortable
• Sensitive skin • Ecological

Making acetate plates can take up to 120 hours of work. The cellulose pulp is worked, once softened by heat, by hand. Isn't that crazy? Then, with our imagination, we create a magnificent colorful collection for you! The acetate allows beautiful colors, pretty patterns and a unique play of transparency in the light.
And now all of our sleeves - the end of the branch that fits behind our ears - following wooden branches, are in the same material, for more flexibility and adaptation to your pretty faces. When heated, it softens so that it can be shaped to infinity!

Finally, here are our two interview tips: 

Our glasses require very little maintenance and are made to follow you on all your adventures!
If your glasses are dirty, dusty, if they have fallen into salt water, mud etc ...
• They must be rinsed with fresh water, without any product.
• They must not be cleaned in an ultrasonic tank.
• And avoid as much as possible spraying them with cleaner for them. glasses.
Of course the best way to protect them is to store them in our folding cases! Very practical!

All woods evolve over time, their colors change nicely, patina and lighten gently in the sun. They don't need a lot of maintenance. To give them a boost: once a year you can offer your customers to feed them with colorless linseed oil.

And all this performance in such a small product… well it weighs nothing! Just a few grams - an average of 20 years - crazy isn't it?
And for so little, they are water resistant! If they get splashed, or if they fall into the water while you are about to take a hot bath in front of your favorite series, DON'T PANIC, that's okay. Our glasses will not get damaged and the wooden ones will float quietly on the surface.
They have a thin layer of colorless and hydrophobic varnish that protects the wood.

So, convinced?
Don't hesitate to come and chat with us on Instagram , Facebook or by mail!

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